[05-10-2007 : 11:06 pm]
LYNN FRANEY, The Kansas City Star
A simple yellow flag with three red stripes went up on the Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley campus Monday morning, bringing applause, smiles and songs from dozens of Vietnamese-Americans.

[05-10-2007 : 02:41 am]
VACKC welcoming three new families joining the community from Vietnam under the McCain Program.

[05-10-2007 : 02:41 am]
"When ever talking about Vietnam War, most of the US politicians, officials, journalists, or political pundits would mention it in a way the war is their own, the South Vietnamese at that moment seem to be invisible or just the bystanders, bearing no brunt of the war effort. But there was one day, only one single day in which all of them would shy away from that claim. The day they have nothing to do with that war. The day they return the outcome back to the South Vietnamese: The APRIL 30th 1975.

[05-10-2007 : 12:46 am]
Tet, which means the first morning of the first day of the new year, is the Vietnamese New Year. The celebration lasts for 7 days. Like the Chinese, the Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays.

[05-10-2007 : 12:31 am]
The Vietnamese nation was founded by Emperor Hung Vuong nearly 50 centuries ago. The dynasty, with 18 kings, lasted for some 3000 years and led Vietnam to development and progress in peace.

[04-10-2007 : 11:54 pm]
VACKC reach out to others and helping those who needs helps in the time of struggle

[04-10-2007 : 11:33 pm]
VACKC organized citizenship class to prepare for seniors and others who interested in taking citizenship test to become U.S. citizen.

[04-10-2007 : 11:25 pm]
Vietnamese American Community of Greater Kansas City invite candidates for Mayor to speak at the community

[04-10-2007 : 11:14 pm]
More photos at the City Hall

[04-10-2007 : 11:05 pm]
City Hall, Kansas City, Missouri - 3/3/2004

This resolution recommending that the City of Kansas City recognize the flag which consists of three red horizontal stripes on a field of gold as the official flag of the Vietnamese American community


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